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Hydrangea Leaves Hydrangea Leaves Ann Loines 57Wx57Hcm | Oil £580.00 Marine Autumn 1 Marine Autumn 1 Tim Hagan 34Wx34Hcm | Ink & Gouache £220.00 The Sea The Sea Irene Foster 63Wx49Hcm | Oil £250.00 Summer Heat Summer Heat Jo Spyroploulos 45Wx45Hcm | Acrylic £250.00 London Eye London Eye Lisa Campbell 51Wx76Hcm | Oil £380.00 Herbst Herbst Irene Foster 30Wx36Hcm | Oil £220.00 Reggae Reggae David Wells 56Wx70Hcm | Watercolour & Ink £225.00 Two Friends and a Mobile Phone Two Friends and a Mobile Phone Lisa Campbell 46Wx61Hcm | Oil £280.00 Ashridge Estate Woodland 2 Ashridge Estate Woodland 2 Terry Wood 91Wx61Hcm | Acrylic £240.00 Ashridge Woodland Ashridge Woodland Terry Wood 76Wx61Hcm | Acrylic £350.00 Cactus and Candle Cactus and Candle Jan Munro PS 42Wx42Hcm | Pastel £275.00 Desert Ships Desert Ships Barry Loines 100Wx80Hcm | Oil £3,000.00 Horse's Head Horse's Head Charmian Hayes 61Wx61Hcm | Oil £300.00 Man with Yellow Bag Man with Yellow Bag Graham Price 43Wx53Hcm | Mixed Media £250.00 Leisurely Stroll Leisurely Stroll Graham Price 52Wx52Hcm | Mixed Media £250.00 Autum Morn Autum Morn Ann Loines 120Wx90Hcm | Encaustic Wax £1,250.00 Beach Scene, Crete Beach Scene, Crete Raina Goran 43Wx36Hcm | Acrylic, Pastel and Collage £400.00 Cloud Gap at Crinkle Crags, Lake District Cloud Gap at Crinkle Crags, Lake District Tim Hagan 67Wx88Hcm | Oil on Canvas £450.00 Home TIme Home TIme Barry Loines 50Wx50Hcm | Oil £500.00 Sunny St Albans' Market Sunny St Albans' Market Lisa Campbell 46Wx60Hcm | Oil on Canvas £350.00 Evening Falls Evening Falls Ann Loines 98Wx68Hcm | Encaustic Wax & Oil £850.00 Tuscany Tuscany Sally Luff 59Wx42Hcm | Mixed Media £300.00 Pines at Aspley Woods Pines at Aspley Woods Jill Varone 44Wx59Hcm | Pastel £245.00 Architectural Study II Architectural Study II Gary John 25Wx25Hcm | Acrylic £160.00 Bluebell Woods II Bluebell Woods II Raina Goran 36Wx44Hcm | Acrylic and Collage £400.00 Storm Has Passed Storm Has Passed Ann Loines 40Wx30Hcm | Encaustic Wax £500.00 Zebra Crossing! Zebra Crossing! Lisa Campbell 50Wx39Hcm | Oil £315.00 City Scrawl City Scrawl Gary John 30Wx30Hcm | Acrylic on Panel £190.00 Karoo Mountain, South Africa Karoo Mountain, South Africa Raina Goran 47Wx50Hcm | Acrylic, Pastel and Collage £450.00 Edge of the Forrest Edge of the Forrest Charmian Hayes 61Wx46Hcm | Oil £300.00 Contre Jour Contre Jour Tim Hagan 30Wx30Hcm | Oil on Board £250.00 Anyone for Tennis Anyone for Tennis Charmian Hayes 51Wx45Hcm | Oil £250.00 Berber Shop Keeper Berber Shop Keeper Alan Chown 40Wx48Hcm | Acrylic on Canvas Board £225.00 Elements No.3 Elements No.3 Abby Cork 35Wx35Hcm | Mixed Media £175.00 Australia Australia Sally Luff 46Wx57Hcm | Mixed Media £300.00 Summer River Scene Summer River Scene Terry Wood 76Wx76Hcm | Acrylic £240.00 Winter at Gwastadant, Lanberis Pass, North Wales Winter at Gwastadant, Lanberis Pass, North Wales Roy Holding 100Wx120Hcm | Mixed Media £3,500.00 January Blues January Blues Barry Loines 50Wx50Hcm | Oil £500.00 Woodland Stream Woodland Stream Terry Wood 61Wx61Hcm | Acrylic £195.00 Three Little Birds - Robin, Wren and Goldcrest Three Little Birds - Robin, Wren and Goldcrest Hannah Thomas 39Wx39Hcm | Coloured Pencil on Paper £180.00 All that Glitters..... All that Glitters..... Hannah Thomas 20Wx25Hcm | Acrylic on Canvas Board £85.00 Morning Meadow Morning Meadow Ann Loines 120Wx90Hcm | Cold Wax £1,250.00 A Child of the Jago A Child of the Jago Lisa Campbell 76Wx50Hcm | Oil on Canvas £400.00 Summer Canopy Summer Canopy Tim Hagan 30Wx30Hcm | Oil £150.00 A Dangerous Distraction A Dangerous Distraction Becky Gouverneur 59Wx57Hcm | Charcoal with Pastel £550.00 The Gondola The Gondola David Wells 56Wx70Hcm | Watercolour £225.00 Marslaxlokk, Malta Marslaxlokk, Malta Jenny Clark 40Wx40Hcm | Mixed Media £495.00 Pembrokeshire Coast Pembrokeshire Coast Jenny Clark 52Wx22Hcm | Mixed Media £295.00 China Town China Town Lisa Campbell 70Wx70Hcm | Oil on Canvas £500.00 Pitigliano, Tuscany II Pitigliano, Tuscany II Roy Holding 120Wx100Hcm | Mixed Media £3,500.00 Flamboyance Flamboyance Lisa Campbell 60Wx40Hcm | Oil on Canvas £280.00 Must Go Must Go Barry Loines 50Wx50Hcm | Oil £500.00 Here I Am Here I Am Charmian Hayes 46Wx77Hcm | Oil £300.00 Hydrangea Hydrangea Ann Loines 30Wx40Hcm | Pencil £850.00 Tiger Tiger Tiger Tiger Lisa Campbell 40Wx40Hcm | Oil on Canvas £230.00 Harrison Stickle, Lake District Harrison Stickle, Lake District Tim Hagan 35Wx35Hcm | Oil £250.00 Night Light Night Light Jan Munro PS 31Wx31Hcm | Acrylic £395.00 Chateau Driveway Chateau Driveway Terry Wood 91Wx61Hcm | Acrylic £265.00 Yellow Chair and Bookcase Yellow Chair and Bookcase Lisa Campbell 70Wx70Hcm | Oil on Canvas £500.00 Architectural Study III Architectural Study III Gary John 25Wx25Hcm | Acrylic £160.00 Bee Bee Lydia Eaton 30Wx33Hcm | Pastel and Pastel Pencil £195.00 The Laurels The Laurels Jan Munro PS 70Wx57Hcm | Acrylic £585.00 The Platt, Port Isaac The Platt, Port Isaac Jenny Clark 40Wx40Hcm | Mixed Media £495.00 Always Busy in Trafalgar Square Always Busy in Trafalgar Square Lisa Campbell 100Wx50Hcm | Oil on Canvas £600.00