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Street Performance, Glasgow Street Performance, Glasgow Lisa Campbell 46Wx61Hcm | oil on canvas £360.00 Surf's Up Surf's Up Penny Stevens 28Wx20Hx7Dcm | glass £80.00 Approaching Storm, Tenby Approaching Storm, Tenby Alan Chown 80Wx40Hcm | acrylic on canvas £315.00 A Quiet Corner, Polperro A Quiet Corner, Polperro Jill Varone 20Wx30Hcm | oil £265.00 Fork and Cherries Fork and Cherries Peter Keegan 30Wx30Hcm | oil on board £350.00 Half Pint Greasy Hare Half Pint Greasy Hare Richard Ballantyne 15Wx16Hx8Dcm | raku and vintage oil can £90.00 Bluebell Woods II Bluebell Woods II Raina Goran 36Wx44Hcm | acrylic and collage £400.00 Two Friends and a Mobile Phone Two Friends and a Mobile Phone Lisa Campbell 41Wx61Hcm | oil £180.00 Art Deco Shell Vase Art Deco Shell Vase Peter White 21Hx14Øcm | ceramic £95.00 White Sheep White Sheep Cat Oakley 22Wx12Hx10Dcm | raku £110.00 Estuary Serving Platter Estuary Serving Platter Tlws Johnson 43Wx3Hx11Dcm | glass £50.00 Scratching Hare Scratching Hare Richard Ballantyne 19Wx14Hx15Dcm | raku £190.00 Into the Light Into the Light Hannah Thomas 45Wx25Hcm | acrylic £400.00 Rhapsody in Blue Rhapsody in Blue Irene Foster 54Wx44Hcm | oil £200.00 Standing Pig Standing Pig Cat Oakley 20Wx15Hx10Dcm | raku £110.00 Ozzy Owl Ozzy Owl Anne Gilbert 66Wx61Hcm | watercolour £245.00 Foreboding Field Foreboding Field Gary John 25Wx25Hcm | acrylic on wood panel £180.00 Jay Jay Hannah Thomas 20Wx20Hcm | drawing £70.00 Art Deco Vase with Lid Art Deco Vase with Lid Peter White 14Hx14Øcm | ceramic £75.00 Seaview Clock Seaview Clock Penny Stevens 15Wx41Hx2Dcm | glass £160.00 Square Platter with Dots Square Platter with Dots Penny Stevens 19Wx2Hx19Dcm | glass £40.00 A Thoughtful Gift A Thoughtful Gift Clare Tebboth 33Wx33Hcm | oil £200.00 Ammi Ammi Vikki Stacey 28Wx28Hx4Dcm | cast glass £420.00 Hidden And Quiet Places Hidden And Quiet Places Susan Erskine Jones 41Wx43Hcm | collagraph £95.00 The Outsider The Outsider Peter Keegan 30Wx30Hcm | oil on board £350.00 Shipshape Shipshape Andrew Brown 30Wx30Hcm | driftwood and beach finds £160.00 Tate Modern Tate Modern Gary John 30Wx30Hcm | acrylic on panel £190.00 Edge of the Wave Edge of the Wave Susan Gray 57Wx28Hcm | acrylic on board £595.00 Bound Slate I Bound Slate I Ann Loines 23Wx23Hcm | pencil £195.00 White Wolf White Wolf Richard Ballantyne 28Wx23Hx12Dcm | raku £200.00 Any Port Any Port Barrington Loines 50Wx50Hcm | oil £500.00 School's Out School's Out Penny Stevens 34Wx16Hx6Dcm | glass £110.00 Bee Bee Lydia Eaton 30Wx33Hcm | pastel and pastel pencil £195.00 Art Deco Vase Art Deco Vase Peter White 14Hx9Øcm | ceramic £40.00 Super Pig Super Pig Richard Ballantyne 28Wx18Hx13Dcm | raku £125.00 Roxy Fox Roxy Fox Anne Gilbert 49Wx55Hcm | watercolour and pen £265.00 Sweet Chestnut and Resin Bowl Sweet Chestnut and Resin Bowl Chris Harvey 9Hx30Øcm | wood £210.00 Ronnie the Rooster Ronnie the Rooster David Wells 70Wx66Hcm | watercolour £270.00 Blue Butterfly Blue Butterfly Penny Stevens 12Wx22Hx8Dcm | fused glass £50.00 Stacked Pebbles Stacked Pebbles Ann Loines 28Wx33Hcm | pencil £195.00 The Comfort of Small Places The Comfort of Small Places Susan Erskine Jones 62Wx72Hcm | oil £650.00 Devon Earth Devon Earth Susan Gray 26Wx20Hcm | acrylic on board £295.00 In Conversation In Conversation Lisa Campbell 32Wx60Hcm | oil on canvas £345.00 Orca in the Ocean Orca in the Ocean Penny Stevens 23Wx58Hx13Dcm | glass £160.00 Aspley Woods Aspley Woods Irene Foster 100Wx40Hcm | oil £395.00 Lizard Lizard Laura Partington 23Wx42Hx4Dcm | wire sculpture £70.00 A Dartmoor Theatre - study A Dartmoor Theatre - study Tim Hagan 30Wx30Hcm | acrylic and oil on canvas £200.00 Hydrangea Hydrangea Ann Loines 30Wx40Hcm | pencil £850.00 Duck and Gin Duck and Gin Alan Chown 48Wx40Hcm | acrylic on board £225.00 Iron Wood Bowl Iron Wood Bowl Mike Waldt 11Hx14Øcm | turned wood £70.00 Princess Lay-a Princess Lay-a Becky Gouverneur 43Wx33Hcm | coloured pencil £250.00 Together Together David Wells 70Wx56Hcm | watercolour £350.00 Threshold Threshold Andrew Brown 79Wx41Hcm | acrylic and collage £245.00 Morning Meadow Morning Meadow Ann Loines 120Wx90Hcm | cold wax £1,250.00 Klimt Unlimited Klimt Unlimited Irene Foster 42Wx42Hcm | oil £200.00 Bluebell Woods Bluebell Woods Raina Goran 50Wx62Hcm | collage £650.00 Confusion - No Big Surprise Confusion - No Big Surprise Irene Foster 100Wx50Hcm | oil £420.00 Louise Louise Cat Oakley 18Wx14Hx8Dcm | raku £75.00 Fields of Fire Fields of Fire Gary John 40Wx60Hcm | acrylic on panel £360.00 Humming Bird Humming Bird Laura Partington 12Wx12Hcm | wire sculpture £75.00 Scottish Harbour Scene Scottish Harbour Scene Terry Wood 76Wx61Hcm | acrylic on board £325.00 Evening Light, Venice Evening Light, Venice Alan Chown 63Wx53Hcm | watercolour £245.00 Stable Mates Stable Mates Barrington Loines 59Wx74Hcm | oil £650.00 Zig Zaggy Bowl Zig Zaggy Bowl Sally McRae 30Wx5Hx13Dcm | fused glass £100.00