2018-19 Woburn Art Gallery.  Created by Dave Foster using Wix.com

Neil Wilson-Jones

Born in South Africa, Neil still retains strong emotional attachments to the rich fauna and flora, the sights and sounds, strong colours, and the vibrancy of its people. African living has an elegance of simple life in rural communities that he tries to capture in his art.


Neil’s mother and sister are artists but not until retirement did he pursue art seriously. With their guidance and excellent tutors at The Edinburgh School of Art and the Leith School of Art, he developed the technical skills needed to move forward.


Neil experiments with different media to provide translucency, texture, "happy accidents" and interesting line marks. Seeking new colour relationships with a limited palette brings unexpected outcomes making each painting unique. Intuition guides him while painting and though risky, resulting in many "failures" this inevitably leads to interesting work reflecting his "inner voice.