2018-19 Woburn Art Gallery.  Created by Dave Foster using Wix.com

Lynne Lane - glass jewellery

Lynne Lane is a local craft worker who has lived in Milton Keynes for over 30 years. The strong art scene has been an inspiration which started her journey as a self-taught artist.


Using dichroic glass with its range of colours, patterns and textures matched with coloured and clear glass.


Dichroic glass changes colour with the direction of the light. The more transparent items will pick up colours from clothing or skin tone. The stunning effect of dichroic glass really comes into its own when worn.  Each item is very much a one-off, meaning you will have a unique piece of jewellery/art.


Lynne is one of the artists featured in a book ’Maker-Artists of Milton Keynes’ by Linda Wilks & Ann Pegg and was very proud to be recognised in this way. Lynne loves exploring the many different techniques of using glass from straightforward fusing to casting.