2018-19 Woburn Art Gallery.  Created by Dave Foster using Wix.com

Hannah Thomas

Hannah’s work acts as a record/journal of her life. Her intention is to capture a feeling, thought or image dear to the heart.  Listening closely to herself, travelling inwards to retrieve the images that lie curled inside her.  In her work there is intention to record something of time.

With commissions she works closely with the client to understand their relationship with their animal.

Anchored in the discipline of Life Study she draws regularly from life which provides the space to explore skills and imagination.

She mostly uses a limited palette often preferring monochromatic schemes.  Her intention is to create atmosphere and feeling through marks, shape and texture. Using charcoal, pastel and pencil gives speed and coverage to an idea or feeling. Often an image will progress through to painting but it is never the final goal…..just part of the journey.

Printmaking is a new medium she is currently investigating.

Throughout her work there is reference to the movement of time in the constant use of circles. These shapes surround us daily and is the visible movement of the sun and moon that guide us all through time.

Her intention is to capture movement in a static world of imagery.

“For everything is in motion and where one image stops another begins”.