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Andy Jacobs

Andy Jacobs was born in Ongar, Essex and became interested in drawing from a young age, influenced by artists in his extended family.


During the school years he focused mainly on drawing still life, and then pursued a career in the arts completing an Art Foundation at Harlow Tertiary College. Andy went on to study Design Management at De Montfort University, graduating with a BA (Hons) while specialising in Interior design. His degree led him on to a career in Retail Design where he worked on drafting shop plan layouts, designing fixtures and shop environments for well-known retailers.


In 2012 Andy began painting again as a form of therapy, focusing on historical well-known buildings within their natural environment. Living in Leighton Buzzard, he was motivated by the surrounding Bedfordshire villages, canals and countryside.


Inspired by the contrasting colours of light and dark areas within a landscape, he enjoys painting shadows, reflections and blue skies. Attention to detail and scale is a key feature in his work.