2018-19 Woburn Art Gallery.  Created by Dave Foster using Wix.com

About us

Woburn Art Gallery was opened in March 2018 by a group of 5 artists.  The group has changed somewhat.  The gallery is now run by original artists Irene Foster and Lisa Campbell plus new member Sam Burke.  The gallery is manned by these three and other volunteer artists.

We are always looking for volunteers to help us run the gallery!

The variety of work we offer has expanded greatly since we opened.  We now have:

  • paintings

  • cards, all based on paintings by our artists

  • ceramics, including vases, pots, animal models, raku work, clocks

  • glassware, such as candle holders, dishes, coasters, garden features

  • phone cases

  • sculptures, including bronze resin, wood, wire, and lamps made from old machinery

  • wood turned bowls and pots

  • jewellery, mainly silver

Most of the work exhibited is by local artists from Bucks and the surrounding counties.  The artwork on display is not constant.  Every 2 months the exhibition is reorganised, with some work removed,  some artists leaving and some new artists and work appearing.  So, if you have visited before, you may well find something new and interesting on a return trip.

Other activities (see News page):

  • We organise workshops for aspiring/experienced artists